2 Jul

Photographer: Megan Maloy

The job was for some webinars for Stride Gum and I was shooting stills along with the film production. This whole job (both stills and film) got killed after it was finished because of poor market research. Their target youth just didn’t think they were funny.

NCIS Coast to Coast

1 Jul

Designer: Eric Paul
Photographer: Ture Lilligraven

This got tossed due to a headline change and the decision to go with another photograph. The concept was tied to the photo and headline so as those things changed the layout too had to evolve.


30 Jun

Photographer: Emily Blank

Photos from The Rejected Event in NYC

24 Jun

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Kusakae Kimbei

24 Jun

Producer: Dot McMahon
Designer: Will McDermott
Photographer: Kusakae Kimbei

Kimbei Book Proposal … Rejected with love from many publishers

Animal Pharma

23 Jun

Designer: Vera Noughton
Photographer: Unknown

I was always very fond of that Goat on the cover, but the editors thought it was not a good idea. It was for Business Week, a Science Gene Manipulation Cover Story.

Milano Vintage

22 Jun

Designer: Kristen Male
Photographer: Unknown