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Photos from The Rejected Event in NYC

24 Jun

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Kusakae Kimbei

24 Jun

Producer: Dot McMahon
Designer: Will McDermott
Photographer: Kusakae Kimbei

Kimbei Book Proposal … Rejected with love from many publishers

Animal Pharma

23 Jun

Designer: Vera Noughton
Photographer: Unknown

I was always very fond of that Goat on the cover, but the editors thought it was not a good idea. It was for Business Week, a Science Gene Manipulation Cover Story.

Milano Vintage

22 Jun

Designer: Kristen Male
Photographer: Unknown


21 Jun

A big thank you to everyone who attended Wednesday night’s show.  We had a terrific turnout with a full house for almost a full two hours. It was good to see so many familiar and new faces.  Also, thank you to all those who contributed the fantastic work.

We are not going to stop now, this is only the beginning.  We have a few new plans up our collective sleeve, so be on the look out for new shows & updates in the future.  Also, please continue to send us work and spread the word. Contact us at for submissions and general inquires.

Yours truely,
Team Rejected

16 Jun

Illustrator: Jorge Colombo


16 Jun

Designer: Dave Byrd

The Healer

15 Jun

Designer: Alice Alves
Photography: Unknown

15 Jun

Illustrator: J. Daniel

History of Islam
This was a sketch for a cover story for Week In Review at the New York Times. The story ended up not running and so the sketch never got to make it to final.

15 Jun

Designer: Vera Noughton
Photographer: Unknown

With the Rupert Layout, I was very disappointed. The story was about him having companies everywhere,  I thought you might want to shoot Mr. Murdoch  from every angle, sort of like he has a foot on the ground in almost every county. But they went with a boring color CEO type shot. This is much newsier, matching to his business. It also has that “Wanted” quality, which played the criticism angle of that story.