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16 Jun

Illustrator: Jorge Colombo

3 Jun

Illustrator: Carl Gambrell

This project was for the Japanese Consulate’s annual event “Japan Day” held
in Central Park, NYC.

I’ve been designing t-shirts for this event the past 4 years and have
used different types of Japanese art and cultural imagery. Last year’s
design was a potted Bonsai tree growing out of the Manhattan skyline.
I thought I’d go a bit more radical after I’d seen an image of a  sumo
eating a hot dog on the consulate’s web site last year.

This was my original submission. I wanted to go with a super CMYK
comics look, kind of like the “Bazooka” gum wrapper. The marketing
firm that was hired never told my client this year’s theme was “The
Year of the Samurai.” End of story.

There’s never really a good use for a Sumo, but I thought this was the
reason I’d been holding onto an obscure English language sumo magazine
from 1979.

After some color changes the art was approved internally for the main
client but was rejected by the consulate.